SEAL Program

As part of our commitment to providing pathways of education excellence for capable students in our community, Springside West Secondary College has joined the Academy of Accredited Select Entry Schools (TAASS).

The Springside West SEAL Program

SEALP is a Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program developed to address the learning needs of students who demonstrate high levels of task commitment and high levels of achievement. Through the combination of a specially designed curriculum, well-practiced teaching expertise, and a developed culture of high expectations, students are stimulated, challenged and motivated towards even higher levels of achievement.

The culture of challenge and hard work which the SEALP cultivates enables like-minded students to make the most of their capabilities. At SWSC, we aspire to develop and encourage our SEAL students to be inquisitive individuals, who thrive when confronted with challenging situations in their day-to-day learning. We have high expectations regarding the behaviour and presentation of students in the SEAL program, as they are ambassadors for the school. We also wish to see students involved in this program, actively engaging in the various extra-curricular opportunities which arise across the school, such as sporting activities, music and theatre events, and community-based projects.


The SWSC rationale for student learning within the SEAL program, is based upon enrichment rather than acceleration. Students undertake a range of activities and learning experiences which broaden their understanding of the key content and skills, challenging them to engage with the curriculum at a more advanced level. Our aims for the program are:

  • to create a more challenging learning environment for all students enrolled.
  • to guarantee proficiency in the basic curriculum.
  • to provide an opportunity for highly talented and motivated students to undertake a school program that meets their specific needs.

Some examples of the enhancement activities undertaken by students as part of the SEAL program include:

  • Access to competitions such as the Maths Olympiad, Australian Maths Competition, MAV Maths Games Day.
  • Access to Junior Debating Programs as well as Public Speaking Competitions.
  • Advanced practical experiments as part of the Science curriculum. 
  • Advanced coding activities and projects.
  • Access to the Italian Poetry Competitions.


Students enter the SEAL program from Year 7, upon completing the EduTest early in Grade 6. [Please see the “enrolment” section for further details.] Students remain with the core SEAL home group throughout their time at SWSC – Years 7 through to 12, completing the core curriculum provided by the school.  In Year 10, students will have the opportunity to participate in the SWSC VCE Early Access Program, enabling them to take on a Unit 1&2 study.


As part of our school-wide positive behaviour framework, all students at SWSC engage in a range of activities designed to build their resilience, as well as their capacity to take on new challenges and risks with their learning. This is especially important with the SEAL program, as students undertake different activities which push them beyond the zone of proximal development. This ethos aligns with our school values of Challenge and Growth


  • What Does Acceleration Mean?

The Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program allows students to progress through their secondary education in a way that provides challenging learning experiences that are more tailored to the needs of talented learners. There is a greater emphasis on higher order thinking and learning skills and independent learning and research. 

  • What is the SEAL program?

Students in the SEAL program experience the full breadth of curriculum offered at the college, however, they move through their learning in a way that encourages them to engage at more advanced levels. 

  • How Do Students Gain Selection?

To gain entry into the program, students must achieve high performance results in a range of tests organised by the organisation known as Edutest

  • How will it work?

Students whose families wish them to enter the accelerated learning program will be required to participate in the selection process. Those students who are accepted into the program will be grouped together in one homegroup when entering Year 7 and will remain with that homegroup until the end of Year 12 (provided they continue to meet the academic requirements of the program).

  • What will be the curriculum?

Students in the SEAL Program will take the same subjects as all other students in their year level. The difference will be in the complexity of the work and the rate at which it is completed.

  • What is the selection process?

Students enter the Program at Year 7. In order to do so they must sit for the Entrance Examination whilst still in Year 6. Enrolment into the program is determined by performance on these tests. The main testing session is conducted in May. Interviews will take place in August. All students who apply for access to the SWSC SEAL program must reside within the enrolment for the school. Please contact the school for further information about enrolment requirements. 

  • When will candidates find out if they have an interview?

Students who have been short listed for an interview will be notified in the first week of August in line with the DET guidelines around communication to prospective Year 7 students. Applicants will receive an email invitation from the SEALP coordinator outlining a date and time for their interview.

  • How do I find out more?

If you have any further queries, please direct these to the SEAL Co-ordinator, via our school website.

Entry into the program


SEALP Registration15 July 2024- 28 July 2024
EDUTEST3 August 2024
OFFER LETTERs sent to parentsLate September or early October

Note: This process will ensure that your application has been received and your proof of residency has been confirmed with the school.

If your proof of residency hasn’t been confirmed and you haven’t been offered a place, you will not be allowed to register to sit the test with Springside West Secondary College.

Payment is made at the end of this registration process online. If payment is not made, your registration WILL NOT be valid.

Please note: School Zone Restrictions apply for all applicants entering the SEALP

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