As part of our commitment to providing pathways of education excellence for capable students in our community, Springside West Secondary College has joined the Academy of Accredited Select Entry Schools (TAASS).

The culture of challenge and hard work which the SEALP cultivates, enables like-minded student’s to make the most of their capabilities.

School Values

Growth: We are motivated learners, always striving for personal development and academic excellence.
Challenge: We take responsibility for our learning and seize new opportunities with determination and optimism.
Community: We treat all members of our community with respect and are responsible for our actions and environment.
These values will form the core of the school wide positive behaviour process. They will be used by teachers every day to remind students of the behaviour and approach that we value at Springside West Secondary College.

School Wide Positive Behaviour

The school has introduced a School Wide Positive Behaviour matrix. The purpose of this is to highlight and reward positive behaviour rather than a constant focus on sanctions and negative reinforcement. The school will continue to impose sanctions (detentions, suspensions) for unacceptable conduct, but will use the SWPB approach to build a culture of positive thinking and reinforcement.